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Welcome to AMTaylor Photography!
I have a love for digital photography and enjoy trying to catch those special 'moments' that occur, whether it be an infants first smile, a toddler's joy, a high school senior's laugh, a future mom's look, or many other of the little moments that seem to go unnoticed in our day to day lives.  I welcome you to my site and hope you will allow me to capture some of your special moments.

Who is AMTaylor?
AMTaylor, call me Andrew, I have been a person of many trades and hobbies.  I have worked in various jobs, from a sales rep in a music store to a Human Resources Rep at an oil and gas company.  Currently I am a Law School Student at South Texas College of Law in downtown Houston.  One thing has stayed consistent - I love to learn and I love to be creative.  This creativity is expressed through my photography.

Where do you shoot?
It is very important to me that all of my photography subjects feel comfortable, otherwise it's very hard to capture a great image.  For this reason, I have set up an in-home studio in Kingwood.  There is a TV set up for the kids and couches for mom and dad.  I would also be happy to shoot offsite, so if you are interested in another location, please let me know, or I can help choose one to suit your specific needs.

What is your creative style?
My style is exemplified in the images you will find on my site.  I photograph people for who they are, whether they are happy, serious, curious, or any other mood.  To me, a forced smile just does not make a great memory.

One of my favorite things for Babies are the up-close images, catching all the expressions and features of their faces.  With Toddlers, I love introducing something new to see how they react.  High School Seniors should be able to be themselves and New Moms should feel comfortable.

Want to know more or schedule an appointment?
No problem, just click on my email below or call me.

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