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How does the process work
Simple, just show up at your designated time and we'll take the photos.  After the shoot, we will view the pictures to make sure we have captured the images you want and re-shoot any you might want redone.  Then I will take a few minutes to download the images and provide you a CD with all the raw images before you leave.  Then you simply notify me which 10 images you would like touched up and I'll mail you another CD with the final images within 5-7 days.

How do I set up an appointment?
Just contact me using the information at the bottom of the page so we can set up a time.

What should I bring/wear to a shoot?
Many people ask what to bring...ask yourself this, what are the things that define you as a person?  What things are most important in your life?  Your answer should be what you bring.  In some cases that could mean a stuffed animal, blanket, senior jacket, sports item, or any other item.
          Some also ask what to wear to a shoot, remember that simplicity is best.  In many cases a pair of blue jeans and a simple white button up shirt is the best choice.  Solid color shirts and khaki pants are also a good choice.  Try to avoid clothing with patterns or designs as they draw attention away from the subject.

Why are you providing a CD instead of prints?
I have found that by providing you a CD with the images, you can have them printed wherever you like and at much lower prices than most photographers charge.  Also, the digital files are easy to email, post on the web, and will last much longer than prints.

Who owns the images?
The photographer owns the images, however, with the CD, you are given permission to make as many prints as you like and use them on the web for personal use.  You could not, for example, sell or license them to a 3rd party without permission.

How can I Pay?
I can accept cash or check.  At this time, I am not able to take credit card payments.

When is payment due?
Payment is due before the session starts on our scheduled day.  After the shoot, we will view all the photos via the TV.

When do I get my final CD?
Before you leave the shoot, you will have all the raw images burned to a CD.  You will take them home and select your favorite 10 images for me to do a professional touchup.  Typically, you will receive your final CD of touched up images around 5-7 days after you notify me of your selections.

What if I don't like the pictures?
Although this has not yet happened, if you do not care at all for the pictures, then you are only responsible for the $25 sitting fee and nothing else.  Under certain conditions, we might be able to reschedule.

Do you have any props?
I do have some simple backgrounds and very simple props, but my focus is to capture the subject, not clutter the picture.  My favorite photos I have taken have been very simple and focused...these are the pictures that are treasured for years to come.

Why do you shoot Digital?
Immediate Feedback - When shooting digital, you have the ability to quickly see if you 'caught' the shot you were looking for.  It also allows you the chance to show others what you have photographed and make any adjustments on the spot.  With film, differences between what the customer wants and what the photographer is shooting might not become apparent until the shots are developed...at that time, it is too late.
Flexibility - One of the things I enjoy about digital images is the flexibility to alter them with different looks.  With Photoshop and some of the other programs on the market, you can quickly edit pictures to black and white, turn them into drawings, give them an older sepia feel, add grain to the picture, and accomplish many other effects.  The best part is that you can have this flexibility without ever changing, or losing your original.
Print Quality - Film has traditionally been able to create better prints.  But with technology improving, the 8+ megapixel camera I currently use has produced some astonishing prints up to 20 inches by 30 inches. 
Test of Time - Although some may disagree, I believe that archiving your shots in a digital format will allow people to have their shots for a longer period than film.  It seems fairly well known that film will decay over time, and prints will eventually fade no matter what kind of paper they are printed on.  If you have the digital file of picture, then you can always reprint a photograph as good as the original with no loss of quality over time.

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